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Gatekeeper, Gatekeeper Pro

One instance of the Software supports both Gatekeeper/Gatekeeper Pro and multiple cameras at the same time.

The Software is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and on PC.

Mobile Application

iPhone: mNexView on the AppStore
iPad: mNexViewHD on the AppStore
Android: mNexView on Google play

Note: If you're trying to search for the Applications on your iPhone, iPad or Android, please use the following keywords:

iPhone: mNexViewLite
iPad: mNexViewHDLt
Android: mNexView

Desktop Application

Mac: NexView Installer Coming Soon
Windows: NexView Installer, 30.4 MB

Latest release notes:

NexView v3.1.2 (Aug. 14 2012)

New features:

. Added new Simplified Chinese installer. . Added Login function of NexView/NexPlay.


. NexView and NexPlay is unable to simultaneously open two forms.
. Changed auto reconnect mechanism.
. Changed keep image ratio mechanism.
. Support G.711 for NexPlay.

Fixed bugs:

. Fixed minor bugs.
. Fixed the bug that closed NexView from toolbar abnormally.
. Fixed recording bug.
. Fixed that NexPlay crashed when PC switched to ThaiBuddhistCalendar.
. Fixed bug about "double click to full screen" for NexView.
. Fixed NexPlay crash if disk space is less then 5m.
. Fixed NexPlay deleting the recording files and folders that are empty .

The manual serves as a guideline if you're looking to configure advanced options and provides further detailed information.


Gatekeeper Setup - coming soon
Gatekeeper Manual - coming soon

Gatekeeper Pro

Gatekeeper Pro Setup - 4.4 MB
Gatekeeper Pro Manual, 2.6 MB

Windows Application

NexView Windows Software Manual, 5.8 MB