DBEST PS4501BT Bluetooth / Micro SD Speaker

Our DBEST PS4501BT All In One stands out due to its exceptional sound quality and versatility. It has been engineered to provide the best portable sound possible, with our engineers going the extra mile in perfecting the delicate balance between quality, loudness and portability. Due to this commitment, the All-In-One Speaker eclipses other portable speakers not just in sound, but also in design quality. It is possible to easily change the casing on the fly to match the color you love most and two 3.5mm audio jacks make it possible to connect two headphones at once. The DBEST PS4501BT All In One is portable engineering at its finest and it truly shines in every little detail.

DBEST PS4501BT All In One Spec Sheet:

Bluetooth Protocol: 2.1+EDR
Transmission Distance: 10~15 meters
File Formats: MP3,WMA
USB Host: Yes
Card Reader: microSD(TF)
AMP. Freq. Range: 150Hz-20KHz
Signal/Noise Ratio: >80dB
Diver: 4ohm, Ø45mm
Rating Power: 3W (with amplifier)
Audio-in: Ø3.5mm Audio Jack/Bluetooth
Audio-out: Ø3.5mm Audio Jack (MP3 and Bluetooth mode):
Rechargeable Battery: 800mAH Lithium Polymer
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Full Charging Time: 5 hrs
Charging Voltage: 5V
Power Input: Micro USB (5V/500mA)
Net Weight: 118g
Weight of DIY Case: 22g/set
Unit Dimensions: 68mm (D) x 64mm (H)