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NEX Katana Wireless
(10W) Bluetooth

The Speaker. Redefined.

Turn everyday objects into speakers that create vivid sound stages. The Katana creates resonances in solid surfaces that bring thumping bass and rich clarity to your music. Did we mention it’s omni-directional and weighs only 300 grams.

NEX Handy Light
up to 16 hours battery

An allround talent

You can choose between 3 level of brightness (100%, 50%, 25%) and an SOS light (flashing, red). At full brightness the battery is estimated to last around 4 hours. At 25% up to 16 hours. You can recharge the NEX Handy Light via USB.

NEX Desk Lamp
Stylish and Functional

With USB for charging

The NEX Desk Lamp has finally arrived and is bound to replace your traditional table lamp. With long lasting, energy saving LED light, a flexible stand and built in USB, you get a taste of what’s to become standard in every household in the next few years. Grab yours now and taste the future. Find out more!