UV Sterilizer Bag

A must-have for home & office

UV Sterilizer Bag


  • Perfect for home, travel and business
  • Serilization takes only 3 minutes
  • Kills minimum 99.91% of all bacteria (not virus)
  • No harmful substance, no waste
  • Save money on sterilization liquid

UV Wavelength

UV Sterilizer Bag UV Wavelength

Use case

  • At home to drop money, wallet, keys, business cards and other items from outside, for quick sterilization.
  • In your office to sterilize arriving letters, keys to shared cars, mugs in the kitchen, business cards, pencils and so on ...
  • In a hair salon to sterilize tools and accessories in front of the client prior to usage.
  • On the go: To sterilize items for kids, inclduing drinking bottle and toys

The NEX UV Sterilizer bag is a true all-round talent, and one-time investment, to keep you and the people around you safe. Don't take the chance and always sterilize everything frequently.

UV Sterilizer Bag

Test report

UV Sterilizer Bag Test Report


Model XD-01
Colors Navy blue (available); Gray (request), Pink (request)
Efficiency Kills minimum 99.91% of all bacteria
Time for sterilization process 3 Minutes
LED Wavelength 260-280nm
LED life 10,000 hours
Dimensions 245(L) X 200(W) X 170(H) mm
Weight 745g
Warranty 1 year
Power Supply DC 5.0V - 2A
Certificate FCC, CE
Operating Environment Temperature: 0-40 ˚C
Storage Environment Temperature: -20-55 ˚C


If you require additional documentation, including certificates and test reports, please write us at support@nexinnotech.com.

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Must have

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UV Sterilizer Bag

UV Sterilizer Bag

LED UV band 260nm-280nm


The UV Sterilizer is perfect for daily use, and compact enough on the go. Suitable for phone, keys, clothes, bootles - kills over 99% of all germs in 3 minutes.

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